At Christopher Wells Construction, value engineering is how we use alternative materials and ways of construction to maintain quality, yet at the same time reduce home remodeling costs. Fundamentally, it’s about looking out for our client’s best interests from a financial, quality control and environmental perspective without sacrificing value.

A Methodology That Brings Rewards
This methodology, the process of value engineering, is a ongoing approach during residential construction to ensure that the best cost-containment solutions are used. Want to maintain quality and reduce construction costs? Think value engineering.

Value Engineering for Home RemodelingIn fact, value engineering can be expressed in a cost vs. value ratio. The price of materials, construction, equipment and scheduling are measured against their importance. If something doesn’t provide enough value for the price, then it can be replaced. This is the essence of value engineering: making smart choices about materials and construction to maintain quality while simultaneously containing costs. There is indeed no better way to reign in construction costs and maintain quality control during the design-build process. This is why Christopher Wells Construction factors in smart alternatives in materials, equipment and services that provide long-term value.

What Do You Want from Your Next Home Remodel?
Most homeowners want to experience a “wow factor” when their home remodeling project is completed. And prior to this, during planning and construction, they expect to be advised on the best quality products within their budget and want the most efficient practices to be used for maximizing value and reducing costs. When all is said and done, homeowners want their newly remodeled kitchen, renovated bath or new addition to look beautiful, function optimally and last for as long as they own their homes.