Cleaning Rain Gutters

Man Cleaning Gutters

How to Clean Rain Gutters:

  1. Don a pair of gloves, position ladder near gutter, climb and pull debris and place in bag or bin
  2. Clean area carefully around downspouts as this is where most clogs occur
  3. If clog exists, run hose up into spout and blast water. If problems persist, run a pumber’s snake down it, or take it off gutter and check inside.
  4. Look for any holes, rust, dents or sags, loose hangers and fix as necessary
  5. Then flush from the roof top with high-powered hose and check for standing water
  6. If standing water exists, bend hanger slightly or take down hanger and readjust and test again until no standing water remains
  7. Gutter extensions can be used to move water away from the home